Frequently Asked Questions

The Garden at Clara’s Point


Please consult our list of rules and the rules and policies of the University: Abide by all rules and regulations of the University of the South, which can be found at

Do guests have access to your entire house?

We have appointed a private wing of our house with its own access and amenities for our overnight guests. Event space is available through consultation of proposed events. 

Do guests have access to your kitchen?

No. Overnight guests have their own kitchenette with amenities.

Will Ward & Shelley be there during my stay?

As it is our personal residence, one of us will always be present or close by. 

What is your relationship with the University of the South?

The Garden at Clara’s Point is a private property and an independently owned enterprise. However, it abides by the University of the South and local governance of Franklin County. Please see our “List of Rules.”

How far are you from the Perimeter Trail?

The bluff side of our property borders the Perimeter Trail. We have a brick walkway that goes from our guest-terrace to the trail.

How far in advance can you accept reservations?

It is not uncommon for reservations to book up to 4 years in advance, especially for significant University events. Let’s get in touch and talk about it. Just remember that, pursuant of our booking policies, all payments are paid in advance to secure reservations.

Is breakfast included?

No. We are not in the food service business and do not serve breakfast. We are happy to point you in the direction of nearby restaurants. We provide a kitchenette.

Do you allow pets?

No. Consult “List of Rules.”

Do you allow smoking?

No. Consult “List of Rules.”

Is it okay if I have guests come over during my stay?

While we encourage you to share our facilities with your friends, in the event of impromptu or formal gatherings we need to know in advance. Everything ends at 11:00PM. Consult “List of Rules.”

Can my child/children stay here with me?

We welcome families to THE GARDEN.  However, our space is generally not suitable for children ages 0 -12 years. Feel free to consult us in advance.

Why are Ward & Shelley opening up their home?

We feel lucky to be here and want to share it with our guests.