Rules of the House

The Garden at Clara’s Point

Rules of the House

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The following rules and policies are to inform you of University and general community expectations as well as our particular expectations toward a mutually pleasant visit.


Welcome to the University of the South and its 13,000-acre Domain. We refer to our house and leasehold on the Domain as THE GARDEN, a self-contained yet expansive area that more specifically includes guest accommodations comprised of the former master bedroom and guest suite with a shared hallway and stairway leading to a downstairs, which together encompasses bluff-views, terrace and
kitchenette with a full-size refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, sink, pull-up eating-serving bar, big-screen TV and private walkway extending to the Perimeter Trail.

You are here as our guest within a spacious area of our home and we are enthusiastic about your stay.

We set aside these nice rooms and environment for you to appreciate the dignity and repose of the Sewanee Community and South Cumberland Plateau as a means of rest and contemplation. Our part of the house is for our privacy. However, we are available for questions and directions. Think of it as visiting your dear aunt and uncle in their no-smoking home! Enjoy and help us care for it!


Exercise caution. Respect physics. Don’t be stupid and walk over the bluff at night, whether under the influence or not. The bluff presents multiple abrupt drop-offs. It is dangerous. People do fall off the bluff and die. Do not become a casualty. Doing so is a drag for everyone.


Guests must be at least 25 years of age to book a reservation at THE GARDEN and are required to show proof of age (ID). Younger members of family, etc. cannot supersede parents or others in fulfilling any reservation and will be evicted if this occurs. Further, THE GARDEN is not suitable for children ages 0 – 12 years.

PARTIES – NOISE – 11:00pm:

This is a quiet community and this is our home. As guests, you are surrounded by retired, visiting and existing professors, theologians, administrators, coaches, poets, artists, and numerous other scholars. The University and our neighbors are consulted about parties well in advance. Impromptu parties are prohibited. Accordingly, no parties are to be held at THE GARDEN without specific permission of the homeowners and the University with neighbors notified and event paid in advance. Spur of the moment cars and noise are all prohibited (see below). Similarly, we appreciate knowing who is in our home, i.e. no unscheduled overnight guests and gatherings.
As our home, we are here when we have guests. If friends are dropping by, let us know in advance as a courtesy when you make your reservation. If you have scheduled an event with us, including a reception or small gathering, everything ends at 11:00, and that is the latest acceptable time for everyone to depart. Do not let us find out during or afterwards of previously untold plans on our property.

Unruly behavior will result in immediate eviction by the Sewanee Police who often like to include their friends from the Franklin County Police department. Sewanee has a long history of renting residences. There are a myriad of stories of things getting out of hand, damage, space ceded to the student-children of adult guests’ or others during stays, etc. For this and other reasons, guests under the age of 25 without the accompaniment of their parents are not allowed.


Overnight Guests are invited to park in our driveway. However, Event Guests and their invitees, such as receptions, must be transported to the property by secure professional bus transportation meaning vehicles of a size suitable to the tight angles and space of Clara’s Point Road and our drive. No acceptations. Parking on the street may result in the disappearance of your car.


No pets. We are confident you love your pets as much as we love ours. We promise not to send ours to your house so please do not bring yours.


Smoking is prohibited inside the house. Smoking outside only. Please dispose of all cigarettes in the trash receptacle provided making sure that all are fully extinguished beforehand.


What you do in your personal time is up to you; however, when staying at THE GARDEN we are compelled by law and University rules to adhere to a strict no-drug use and no-noise policy that compels us to call the police if these rules/laws are broken.


Allowed only in downstairs area of THE GARDEN. No food whatsoever with exception of water on Guest Room level. No cooking other than microwave. Downstairs is suitable for eating, bedrooms are not. Food in guest bedrooms can result in damage charges.


We have old plumbing. Careful what and how you flush. We have trash cans with plastic liners.


For your safety only one person at a time on either balcony. No jumping on the balcony, no jumping off and no letting down of hair, sheets, etc. for climbing up. Soliloquies allowed if performed quietly.


Abide by all rules and regulations of the University of the South, which can be found at


  • POLICE, FIRE, EMT: Call 911.
  • SEWANEE POLICE, FIRE and EMT: (931) 598-1111
  • SOUTHERN TENNESSEE MEDICAL HOSPITAL (formerly – Emerald Hodgson Hospital) across University Avenue from the Sewanee Inn.
  • FIRST AID KIT: Available in both guest bathrooms.
  • SECURITY: Building is protected by fire and smoke alarms as well as a burglar alarm for the guest suites
  • EXITS: Front main door, downstairs doors to patio, kitchen door, backdoor dining room, backdoor study
  • Airbnb and reviews: We endeavor that you enjoy your stay and that we enjoy the privilege of having you as a guest. You are free to write a review of your stay as we will also write a review of you as our guests